About the Sponsors of this Site

This site is sponsored by active, intellectual members of the Church who feel it is important that there be open discussions about changes occurring in our society and how they may impact the Church. Modernism and secularism are seriously challenging faiths such as Mormonism that claim to have direct contact with God, angels and other supernatural beings. Secularism is offering another perspective on reality where knowledge is best attained through the scientific method.

The authors are long standing members of the World Futurist Society, an American organization that promotes the study of alternative futures for the purposes of anticipating where we might end up if current trends continue. The purpose for studying alternative futures is so that we can plan and build the world of tomorrow the way we want it.

This site is not officially sponsored by the LDS Church or the World Futurist Society. It is neither pro-Mormon, nor anti-Mormon, but seeks only to look at trends within the Church and society as a way to foresee possible futures for the faith and to think about how we may get from where we are to a better world tomorrow.

There are many LDS members such as the authors who see great value in being active members of the church, but who do not believe that Mormonism is the only way to find truth about the nature of reality and the meaning of life.

Because such reflections about the future may lead some authors to suggest ideas and trends the church does not prefer to openly discuss, the authors prefer to remain anonymous.

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