Future of Mormonism

Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religions in America. Some scholars say it will be the next great world religion. Others predict it will merge into the Christian fold as another Protestant sect. Still others see it fading away as the world changes over time. Is the Second Coming just around the corner as Mormons believe? How will they adjust in the future to growing fundamentalism, secularism, technological trends, ecological change & population growth? This site is sponsored by LDS scholars who are or have been members of the World Futurist Society and are currently actively thinking about and discussing alternative future trends and developments in American society and the Mormon Church.

The Future of Mormonism
Five Scenarios
This paper explores 5 possible futures for the LDS faith and examines social, economic and technological trends affecting them. It is not an attempt to predict the future of the faith, but rather to explore alternative directions in which it could evolve.
Mormonism for a New Age
A New Defense of the Faith
The author never thought he would be writing a defense of the LDS faith even though he was born in a Mormon family and went on a mission, because for a significant portion of his life, he was either completely inactive and argued against the faith. But now he has a new understanding and has come to realize that the Church has much to offer that is beneficial and good for mankind and his family.
How to Stay Active LDS
After Challenges to Your Faith
This essay is intended for LDS Church members who encounter a major trial of their faith, are contemplating leaving the church, or are trying to figure out what options for church engagement are still available to them given their circumstances.
An LDS Missionary Story
Why some leave the Church
This is a personal account of how one young LDS man was sent on a mission to Germany, but as a result, came to doubt many LDS doctrines and eventually became inactive after returning home. Social statistics show that as many as 25% or more of returned missionaries become inactive within 6 years after returning home. This story shows why this is the case for many of them.
The Evolutionary Manifesto
Our role in the future evolution of life
Dr. John Stewart (The Free University of Brussels) is author of Evolution's Arrow. He argues that "a completely new phase in the evolution of life on Earth has begun.  It will change everything.  In this new phase evolution will be driven intentionally, by humanity." The result, if true, will have a huge impact on the future of Mormonism and religion. 
Why the Future Doesn't Need Us! This fascinating article was written by Bill Joy in 2000, co-founder and Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems, and published in Wired Magazine. He is concerned that automation, robots and other coming technologies may make humans obsolete.
Mormon Transhumanism
Is this where the LDS Faith is headed?
There is a growing movement in Mormonism to merge theological concepts in the LDS faith with growing scientific knowledge. "Our generation is not the first to question the compatibility of religion and science, and our generation would not be the first to reconcile the two." Here you can also watch recordings of the 2015 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association on topics at the intersection of technology, spirituality, science, and religion.
Predictions about the
Future of Christianity
This series of papers and comments explore a wide range of thought on the future of religion in America. It includes the thoughts of such well known writers as Harold Bloom, Rowland Croucher, James Dobson, and Cardinal Francis Arinze.
The World Network of
Religious Futurists
This site is dedicated to uniting people who want to explore the future of religion. It not only suggests answers to some of the most fundamental questions, but also proposes meaningful ways to search for answers.

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