Future of Mormonism

Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religions in America. Some scholars say it will be the next great world religion. Others predict it will merge into the Christian fold as another Protestant sect. Still others see it fading away as the world changes over time. Is the Second Coming just around the corner as Mormons believe? How will they adjust in the future to growing fundamentalism, secularism, technological trends, ecological change & population growth? This site is sponsored by LDS scholars who are or have been members of the World Futurist Society and are currently actively thinking about and discussing alternative future trends and developments in American society and the Mormon Church.

The Future of Mormonism
Five Scenarios
This paper explores 5 possible futures for the LDS faith and examines social, economic and technological trends affecting them. It is not an attempt to predict the future of the faith, but rather to explore alternative directions in which it could evolve.
The Book of Mormon
History or Metaphor?
A comparison of ancient writing and numerical systems in the Americas to those of other world civilizations with a special focus on beliefs of the Mormons and includes a commentary on how the Church can move away from seeing it as a historical document and yet still accept it as a revelation.
How to Stay Active LDS
After Challenges to Your Faith
This essay is intended for LDS Church members who encounter a major trial of their faith, are contemplating leaving the church, or are trying to figure out what options for church engagement are still available to them given their circumstances.
An LDS Missionary Story
Why some leave the Church
This is a personal account of how one young LDS man was sent on a mission to Germany, but as a result, came to doubt many LDS doctrines and eventually became inactive after returning home. Social statistics show that as many as 25% or more of returned missionaries become inactive within 6 years after returning home. This story shows why this is the case for many of them.
Thoughts On
The Meaning Of Life
This is a short article written by an elderly LDS gentleman who thinks back about his life and its meaning in the context of what he has learned over a lifetime. 
What is Reality? This short paper explores the nature of reality and how the Mormon concept of God compares to that of other Christian and world religions, as well as to atheism.

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